Guardians of the green: An essay on the impacts of climate change on forest ecosystems and its mitigation




Conservation, climate change, biodiversity, biogeography, human activities


The Philippines, recognized as a biodiversity hotspot, grapples with the escalating crisis of climate change, evident in rising temperatures, shifting rainfall patterns, and the increased frequency of extreme weather events. This essay explores the profound yet often overlooked impacts of climate change on the country's forest ecosystems, emphasizing the interconnectedness of environmental, societal, and economic consequences. Despite forests being perceived as a solution to climate change, they face disruption in composition, structure, and biogeography, endangering biodiversity and essential ecosystem services. Addressing this crisis demands a multifaceted approach. Scientifically grounded strategies, such as conservation, reforestation, and reduced-impact logging, are crucial for mitigating climate change’s impact on forests. The study underscores the pivotal role of technology, policy interventions, and sustainable practices, stressing the importance of a diverse strategy. Legal frameworks, like the National Integrated Protected Area System, need reassessment and strict enforcement. Human activities, identified as primary contributors to climate change, necessitate a shift toward sustainable practices, embracing eco-friendly technologies, and responsible consumption. Furthermore, the essay advocates for global cooperation, technology sharing, and financial support to combat climate change collectively. International collaboration is essential to set common goals, share resources, and address the global impacts of climate change. The urgency of this matter calls for immediate, concerted efforts at individual, national, and international levels to safeguard the Philippines' forests and mitigate broader climate change impacts. The responsibility to act is clear—it is a necessity for a sustainable planet.


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Author Biography

Larizza Faith N. Del Socorro, BS Biology Student, Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Davao Oriental State University

Mati City, Davao Oriental


Allen, C. D., Macalady, A. K., Chenchouni, H., Bachelet, D., McDowell, N., Vennetier, M., and Cobb, N. (2010). A global overview of drought and heat-induced tree mortality reveals emerging climate change risks for forests. Forest ecology and management, 259(4), 660-684.




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Del Socorro, L. F. (2023). Guardians of the green: An essay on the impacts of climate change on forest ecosystems and its mitigation. Davao Research Journal, 14(1), 108–112.