We are excited to announce the partnership between the SocioEconomic Research Portal for the Philippines (SERP-P), and the Davao Research Journal (DRJ).

SERP-P is an online platform or resource center spearheaded by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) which is dedicated to gathering, sharing, and publishing research related to the social and economic aspects of the Philippines, and partners with other social research and academic organizations in the Philippines. SERP-P makes it simpler for academics and decision-makers to find relevant information through their online database to find solutions to address relevant policy problems. Through this partnership, our relevant articles will be carried by the SERP-P platform for further utilization by other stakeholders and users. This will bridge the gap between academia, policymakers, and communities, ensuring that research will be translated into a meaningful action.

Stay tuned as we unveil more research publications and research findings! We hold promising prospects for advancing socioeconomic research and development in the Philippines.